Definition of Antep Baklavası

Antep Baklavasi, which is demanded to register, is a sweet belongs to traditional Turkish Cuisine Antep Baklava is differing from home made baklava with transferring from generation by production style and taste. The product is made by adding nuts and cream inside the dough layers than adding sherbet on it.

The product is divided in two parts: dry and wet. Although production style is the same the only difference between wet and dry baklava is that: for extending expiry date dry baklava’s being prepared by using pistachio nuts among dough layers without using cream.

Basic ingredients of Antep Baklava’s:
- Dough: Hard wheat flour, real butter, egg and salt.
- Sherbet: Sugar and sweetener.
- Cream: Semolina and milk.
- Antep nuts: Antep nuts which has a geographical sign.
- Starch: Wheat starch