The Distinctive Properties of the Product

Antep Pistachio
Antep nut that is known among public as “firik or boz-ic”and containing 110-170gr pistachio kernels in a kg of it, bold green coloured, dense flavoured, is ripped in the first week of August. Gaziantep is related with is baklava which has popularity all around country for ıts production style and Antep baklava is special product belong into Gaziantep region.

Pure butter that is prepared by %99 oil, obtained from sheep or goat milk and purified from salt and its other ingredients.

It is obtained by adding semolina to goat-sheep or cow milk that is boiled in 105-108C. (For 1000 gr milk 100 gr semolina)

Flour that is obtained from hard wheat.

It should be baked with heat of oak in stone –based oven in 200-300C by turning continuously in 35-40 minutes.