Gaziantep Chamber of Industry

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry is a semi-official occupation association which founded as a result of 1146 settled industrialist’s application and approved by Industry and Commerce Ministry in 14.08.1989 and with 81173 numbered law. It has independent management with 5174 numbered law.

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry is not only following its duties defined by law, it also aims to prepare it is members to international competition conditions. Besides that it is an institution which is participant and open to communication. It is conscious about its social responsibilities, aiming to widen the city’s values, putting forward the common idea in the city.

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry which is in top 10 of Turkish Chamber Development Project of Euro chambers, continues its services from 1999 under the ISO 9000 Quality System Assurance. Gaziantep Chamber of Industry had been in 10 chambers which accredited British Chamber Association and TOBB as a result of in inspections amongst 350 Chambers in 2003, Turkey.