Baklava, being one of the traditional Turkish desserts, is produced in every region of country. Companies which produce “Antep Baklava” will be determined by tradesmen and trade record registration and tax records. Besides, the firms that produce Antep baklava will be determined from Turkey Chambers and Stockmarket Community via chambers in Turkey.

Firms are determined by some various ways and applying to us for they produce Antep Baklava and all firms that announce their production of Gaziantep baklava via press and other publication channels will be checked by Checking Committee. Inspection Committee will consist of 5-7 members and chosen among 2-5 members of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Management Committee and 3-5 members of the following job groups; Gaziantep Industry Chamber 5th job committee group “Flour, semolina and macaroni industry” 7th job committee group “production of herbal oil, oily seed, dried fruits and sweeties”,8th job committee group “production of processed wheat, floury products and beverage” and will be supported with the opportunities provided by Gaziantep University to Gaziantep Chamber of Industry.

A report is taken from Gaziantep University including that necessary services will be taken during the registration period. The Committee will check once a year regularly the producers who are determined by the ways mentioned above, according to usage conditions, production methods and distinctive properties.

Also the producers, whose productions are determined by the ways mentioned before, will be checked after determination date and the producers who are complained to Gaziantep Chamber of Industry will be checked in 1-4 week from the completion date according to physical distance. Checking and evaluation of complaints will be made in the coordination of Chamber of Industry Department of General Secretary.

Inspection Committee will create an inspection plan according to producers who will be checked and their address by getting together before every routine inspection period. According to number of firms, if the committee will be able to make inspection by dividing in two groups as inside and outside city. According to 555 numbered and 20th point of KHK;the room that is needed for inspection, will be provided by our is needed for inspection, will be provided by our chamber as mentioned before.

Also, we will use the other society and special sector companies labs on conditions of giving their fees. The related inspection fees will be taken from every firm according to T.C. work law on condition that it will be at most 5 times more than gross minimum wage to meet the outgoings of treatment in checking, researching, making reports etc. this fee, after every inspection, according to outgoings, will be announced to the firms. Apart from this fee that is needed for inspection of firms ,outside Gaziantep city, extra fees from related city firms will be taken for inspectors. These fees after informed by inspectors to Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, will be shared in equal parts to firms that were checked in that city.