Production Method


The preparation of dough;
Hard wheat flour is used for baklava dough. The dough is prepared from this flour. During the process of preparation two-four eggs are added in a kg of flour. A little salt is put (10 gr rock salt) and mixed with water. Soft dough is obtained .Prepared dough should be thin and circle shaped, approximately 35-40 units prepared dough should be put in 2.5-3 cm.

Preparation of sherbet;
Approximately 1.500 gr sherbet is added in 1 kg baklava.

Preparation of Cream;
1 kg milk is boiled with 100 gr semolina in the heat of 100C.When it becomes hard form, it is left from heat for cooling.

General Production Recipe
Flour and egg (1 kg flour and two eggs which are grown in that region), salt (1kg 10gr rock salt) is mixed with water. Flour as soft as earlobe, is obtained.

Pieces of dough, which are 35-40gr, are rolled out. They are made thin for clipping their edges. Pieces of dough are made in thin by using Rolling pin at least in the size of 9-10-13-15.

Wheat starch is added to dough and it is made thin till it come to 1,1.5 wide and 2 meter long. Dough layers are laid on tray that is oiled before by drizzling butter each layer (at least 15-20 layers).Cream prepared and cooled before, is laid in form of thin layers. Antep nuts are drizzled on it. By drizzling butter for each layer again, top of baklava is made (at least 15-20 layers).Edges are straightened .

After this process, baklava is sliced. Oil is added and baked. It is cooked for30-40 minutes.

When it is taken out of oven, sherbet is poured. Sherbet that is in the heat of102-110C and obtained from natural sugar is poured.


For 1 kg "Antep Baklava " average ingredients dispersion is like that:(With ±%3 tolerance);

- Antep Nuts% 10-11
- Cream% 12-13
- Butter% 15-16
- Sherbet% 35-36
- Flour%25